Using the Row Editor

Use the Edit Row option to change a row's background color, add an image, change the height, make it full-width or even apply an entrance animation effect to the content within that row when the page loads. Here's how it works:


Hover over any existing content post to reveal a "row" option.

Row 1


Click "row" to reveal the row editor. You will see options to add a solid "Background Color" to the row, or even add a Background Image or Video to that row.
Row 2


If you choose to add a Background Image, you will see an option to add an "Overlay Color" and you can adjust the opacity as needed. You can also set the image to Parallax Scrolling which will create a 3D floating effect as you scroll the page.

Row 3


You can choose one of the options for "Effects". These effects include "Fade In" or "Bounce In" and allow you to animate the content within that row when you first visit a page and every time that page reloads. Effects help engage site visitors, help draw attention to the specific content you want visitors to focus on, and provide a fun and memorable experience.
Use the slider to change the "Height" of that row.

Row 4


For some post types on our wide screen layouts, you will an option to make the Row "Full-width". Full-width allows content within that row to span the entire width of the screen.

Row 5