How to Create a Landing Page (Single Page Website)

Landing Pages or "Lead Capture" pages are typically single-page websites that are generally used in online marketing. A Landing Page can also be used as a low-cost option for clients who do not want to purchase a multi-page website. Since it only consists of one page, you can charge less to these clients.

With Ekspurt, you can easily create or turn any existing website into a single page Landing Page. Here's how...

STEP 1 - Start by hiding ALL "interior" pages of a website leaving the Home page for last. Click the "Pages" tab and choose "No" for "Show page in nav?". Do this for all pages on the site.

*Please Note: You will not be able to hide the Home page until all interior pages have been hidden. Alternatively, you can delete all interior pages instead of hiding them.

Single 1

STEP 2 - Once you have all of the interior pages hidden, do the same for the Home page and click "Save".

Single 2

STEP 3 - The navigation will no longer appear on the site, creating a single-page Landing Page.

Single 3