How to Add "Off-Site Link" to the Navigation

There may come a time when a website client has something hosted somewhere else that they want an obvious, prominently-placed link to. Examples of these "off-site links" might be a doctor's office that wants to link to a Patient Portal service or a restaurant that wants to link to a Food Ordering service or even an independent insurance agent who wants to let people Request a Quote from the corporate website. You might want to put things like this on the site's main navigation menu, so here's how to add an "Off-Site Link" to the site navigation.


Log into the site and go to the "Pages" tab. Click on the "Off-Site Link" option below the "Add New Page" button.

Off site 1


Add a "Link Name" (this is how the link will appear in the navigation bar) and enter the "Web Address/URL" (this is where the page will link to). Click "OK".

Off site 2