How to Add a Facebook Pixel

If your client is advertising on Facebook, they will likely want to measure the effectiveness of the advertising and optimize the ad campaign. To do this, Facebook offers what they call a "Facebook Pixel", which is essentially a snippet of code, that is designed to be inserted into the code of the website (so that website conversions and site engagement can be tracked).

Here's how to add a Facebook Pixel to an Ekspurt site:

1. Assuming the Facebook Pixel is already created, go to the Facebook Ads dashboard and choose the option for "Copy and Paste the Code"

Pixel 1

2. COPY all of the code that Facebook gives you.

3. Login to your Ekspurt dashboard and locate the site to which you want to add the Facebook Pixel. Click "Site Details" next to the site. Then click "EDIT" at the top to make changes to the Site Details.

Pixel 2

4. Scroll down and look for the 3 HTML boxes on this screen. PASTE the Facebook code into the first ("Head HTML") box and then save your changes.

Note: If you already have code in this section for something else, just place your Facebook Pixel code before or after the code that's already in this section.

Pixel 3

Now you can go back to your Facebook Ads dashboard to confirm it's working.