Can I Use a Different E-Commerce Solution?

We designed our “Online Store” feature to be a fast, free, and easy way to start selling products on an Ekspurt-powered website. It’s perfect for businesses just starting out with e-commerce or for those that plan on selling a limited selection of products. It’s also powered by PayPal which makes it easy for businesses that already have a merchant account. You can learn more about our online store feature here.

However, if you find that the Online Store feature we offer lacks certain features or capabilities that your client is looking for, you are free to use a different e-commerce solution. While every platform is different, there are many third-party e-commerce solutions that can be integrated or embedded into a SiteSwan website. Sometimes it’s as easy as adding a link or copying and pasting some HTML code.

Here are some third-party E-Commerce solutions to consider:

Please Note:
  • There may be additional fees associated with using a third-party E-commerce solution.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure that the E-commerce solution you choose is compatible with SiteSwan. For this reason, we recommend testing it with a free trial (if available) before making your client any promises
  • We cannot troubleshoot custom code or provide support for setting up an online store using a third-party platform.

Alternative ways to sell online
E-commerce is not cheap and requires a lot of time and resources. If your client is just beginning to sell products online, they might want to consider adding their products to an existing marketplace such as eBayAmazon, or Etsy first. A marketplace is a good way to test the waters before making the commitment to running a full-time eCommerce store.