Calendly: Schedule Online Appointments & Meetings

Calendly lets clients schedule appointments and meetings right from your website. Calendly offers several embed options that let you control how and where it appears on your Ekspurt website.

STEP 1 - Start by creating an account at

Calendly 1

STEP 2 - Select "Share Your Link" from the drop-down menu within your Calendly account. In the popup window that appears, click Embed on Your Website and choose the type of embed that you prefer.

Calendy 2

STEP 3 - If you choose the "Inline" or "Popup Text" option, simply copy and paste the code using the HTML Post option on the page of your Ekspurt website where you would like to see it.

Calendy 3

STEP 4 - If you choose the "Popup Widget" option you will need to copy and paste the code on the Site Details page in the Body HTML Code (Bottom / Footer) box.

Calendy 4

Click here for more information and updates on embedding Calendly: